Common IssuesΒΆ

  • fields.E300:

    custom_user.HistoricalCustomUser.history_user: (fields.E300) Field defines a relation with model 'custom_user.CustomUser', which is either not installed, or is abstract.

    Use register() to track changes to the custom user model instead of setting HistoricalRecords on the model directly. See History for a Third-Party Model.

    The reason for this, is that unfortunately HistoricalRecords cannot be set directly on a swapped user model because of the user foreign key to track the user making changes.

  • HistoricalRecords is not inherited

    Allowing HistoricalRecords to be inherited from abstract models or other parents is a feature we would love to add. The current contributors do not have a need for that feature at this point, and need some help understanding how this feature should be completed. Current work is in #112.